“Yellow Session” with O.G.M.

Rem Koolhas: „Shopping is the last cultural act.“ Excerpts of “Brandscapes” (a work in progress)(Brand = Identity of a product/ Brandscape: Space where one brand is presented and therefor defined through it) Brandscapes is dealing with chosen and non-chosen identities, inner and outer poses, desire. Brandscapes are an expression of the global capitalism and one … Continue reading “Yellow Session” with O.G.M.

Nightshade Plants (Nachtschattengewächse)

'But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.'
(Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland) A piece about what defines madness and where is the line 
betweenmadness and a 'healthy mind'.A piece soaked with 
bittersweet memories of childhood, fantasy worlds and loneliness.A dance in … Continue reading Nightshade Plants (Nachtschattengewächse)

Architects of change

conceived and performed by:Sonja Heller - performance,Patrick K.-H. - semi-acoustic guitar, e-bow,Oleg Makarov - Max/MSP programming,Asya Mukhina - video-projection of lightingslive @ Performactivity of Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 28.10.2012 ev camera: Ukio Kido, Stefany Pipchenko,technical support - Vasily Yolsheen. To each other, we are only a flat story - unfamiliar images, written at different screens. … Continue reading Architects of change

Daily Icarus

(Premiere 2009, Brotfabrik Berlin) The legend of the Icarus is an allegory for a dreamer or an artist, who is revolting against the rules of society and fighting for indecency of his artistic work. In times of technical progress the human being feels likes living in an air bubble. Communication happens mostly via Internet or … Continue reading Daily Icarus

“Yellow Monday” with O.G.M. & Guests

31.05.10 at limbus europae Berlin (episode #39) with: Felix Arjona, Servet Gürbüz, Sonja Heller, Clarissa Hurst, Cristina Mantione, Daniela Schmidtke, Magdalena Zahnand Sound-Performance: Nina Vahlberg, Carl BeleitisGuests: Sören Heuer (Live-Painting), Angie Nina Yeowell (Sound) Exhibition: Melanie Natusch, Adrian Shephard, Felix Bonowski, Clarissa Hurst