2021 2018 Still-Frames and Model from "The Story of The Eye" in Berlin Article: Exploding Appendix, by Bradley Tuck, 13.06.2017 Screening of "The Story of The Eye" in Brighton 2017 Gazeta de Piracicaba 24.05.2017 Correio Popular 21.05.2017 Gazeta de Piracicaba 21.05.2017 Gazeta de Piracicaba 12.05.2017 Tribuna de Guacu 06.05.2017<- Gazeta de Piracicaba 09.05.2017 Gazeta de … Continue reading Press


Different colours of the spectrum, different abilities of the spectrum... Inclusion ambassador and performer Roland Walter and dancer Sonja Heller are encountering each other on a fresh sheet of paper, leaving traces, mashing, mixing, blending their unique movement and colours, influencing each other, exploring each others (dis)abilities, drawing a bigger picture and creating a mutual … Continue reading Spektrum


Too much heat can fog your senses... and you can lapse into the most absurd daydreams... Who doesn't remember the surreal cleaning performances of our mothers on Saturday afternoons, where they vacuumed wearing hood driers to take care of their hair at the same time. As a hommage to an almost forgotten object from their … Continue reading Heatwave

Automatic Message

Inspired by André Bretons book about the surrealist technique to write or draw without conscious self-censorship, Sonja Heller and TESTCARD explore the possibilities of producing sound through drawing and moving on a big sheet of paper. Several contact microphones are attached with the ground. The noises of the movement are then translated into MIDI signals … Continue reading Automatic Message