Automatic Message

Inspired by André Bretons book about the surrealist technique to write or draw without conscious self-censorship, Sonja Heller and TESTCARD explore the possibilities of producing sound through drawing and moving on a big sheet of paper. Several contact microphones are attached with the ground. The noises of the movement are then translated into MIDI signals … Continue reading Automatic Message

Architects of change

conceived and performed by:Sonja Heller - performance,Patrick K.-H. - semi-acoustic guitar, e-bow,Oleg Makarov - Max/MSP programming,Asya Mukhina - video-projection of lightingslive @ Performactivity of Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 28.10.2012 ev camera: Ukio Kido, Stefany Pipchenko,technical support - Vasily Yolsheen. To each other, we are only a flat story - unfamiliar images, written at different screens. … Continue reading Architects of change