Different colours of the spectrum, different abilities of the spectrum... Inclusion ambassador and performer Roland Walter and dancer Sonja Heller are encountering each other on a fresh sheet of paper, leaving traces, mashing, mixing, blending their unique movement and colours, influencing each other, exploring each others (dis)abilities, drawing a bigger picture and creating a mutual … Continue reading Spektrum


Too much heat can fog your senses... and you can lapse into the most absurd daydreams... Who doesn't remember the surreal cleaning performances of our mothers on Saturday afternoons, where they vacuumed wearing hood driers to take care of their hair at the same time. As a hommage to an almost forgotten object from their … Continue reading Heatwave

“Yellow Session” with O.G.M.

Rem Koolhas: „Shopping is the last cultural act.“ Excerpts of “Brandscapes” (a work in progress)(Brand = Identity of a product/ Brandscape: Space where one brand is presented and therefor defined through it) Brandscapes is dealing with chosen and non-chosen identities, inner and outer poses, desire. Brandscapes are an expression of the global capitalism and one … Continue reading “Yellow Session” with O.G.M.

“Yellow Monday” with O.G.M. & Guests

31.05.10 at limbus europae Berlin (episode #39) with: Felix Arjona, Servet Gürbüz, Sonja Heller, Clarissa Hurst, Cristina Mantione, Daniela Schmidtke, Magdalena Zahnand Sound-Performance: Nina Vahlberg, Carl BeleitisGuests: Sören Heuer (Live-Painting), Angie Nina Yeowell (Sound) Exhibition: Melanie Natusch, Adrian Shephard, Felix Bonowski, Clarissa Hurst