I almost always created my own costumes as well as taking care of what kind of props to use. Here you find a small selection…


© Adriana Freitas
© Jessica Eduarda
© Jessica Eduarda
© Adriana Freitas

ONLY BREATH – Duo Performance with Sven Wu Wei (2017)

MEALS ON WHEELS (2013) / HEATWAVE (2012) with Ulrike Kley / SILENCE (2010)

THEORY OF RELATIVITY (2013) / NIGHTSHADE PLANTS (2014) – Wool as a prop

© Ainhoa Valle
© Ta Tan

ARCHITECTS OF CHANGE (2012) – Newspaperdress

© Anastasia Blur

BODYSCAPES (2011) with Raven Company – Bubbles

IMPROVISATIONS at Pontedera, Italy (2009) and Rufreaktor, Berlin (2011)

© Irena Lipinska
© Ainhoa Valle

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