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Error 404 is a physical theatre experiment that deals with concepts of uncertainty, ambiguity, mythologies of trickster figures and chance operations.

Piece Parameters for the audience:
* There are no fixed seats in the auditorium. You are free to set up your sitting spot as you like and you can also change your position throughout the performance if you want to.
* The piece contents several parts but only a few will be displayed during every performance. Each Part has a number. You will choose through chance operations which parts will be presented at this occasion and in which order.
* You are all invited to contribute music pieces for the performance. The order of the music pieces will also be chosen by chance operations. If the music that is provided by the audience is not long enough to accompany the whole event, the rest of the music will be picked in similar manner from our own archive. It goes without saying that we will reject music pieces with sexist, racist or fascistic content.
* Through these provisions as well as the concept of the performance scenes the piece will be different every time, offer always a new experience and will change and develop over time in unexpected directions.

Choreography/Concept/Performance: Sonja Heller

Premiere: 29.04.2017, Espaço Estrada, Indaiatuba (BR)

Camera: Fernanda Bugallo

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