Too much heat can fog your senses… and you can lapse into the most absurd daydreams…

Who doesn’t remember the surreal cleaning performances of our mothers on Saturday afternoons, where they vacuumed wearing hood driers to take care of their hair at the same time.

As a hommage to an almost forgotten object from their childhood days, dancer Sonja Heller and puppeteer Ulrike Kley have created a peculiar pas-de-deux.

In the performance the hoods are inflating from seemingly breathing objects to monstrous body parts, collapsing like empty popcorn bags just to awake shortly after to new life again.

A playful piece that is so much more than just hot air.

Concept/Performance: Ulrike Kley, Sonja Heller

Premiere: “10 times 6”, ada studio berlin, 10.11.2012

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