“Yellow Session” with O.G.M.

Rem Koolhas: „Shopping is the last cultural act.“

Excerpts of “Brandscapes” (a work in progress)
(Brand = Identity of a product/ Brandscape: Space where one brand is presented and therefor defined through it)

Brandscapes is dealing with chosen and non-chosen identities, inner and outer poses, desire. Brandscapes are an expression of the global capitalism and one of its manifestations is the abstract space. Abstract Space: it is characterized through fragmentation and being homogenous at the same time.
Luxury-Brands need a special space for representation to show the speciality – therefore brandscapes are used as showrooms. Brands represent not only a product but also life-style and emotions. The result is a culturalisation of things. (That increases its value.) Showrooms become design(art)-temple.

Designed brands which are represented like art are more open to public then art-galeries who are only open to public who could understand the code. Subculture becomes a product / will be absorbt by cultural industries.

26.06.2010 with Daniela Schmidtke and Felix Arjona at K-Salon Berlin, Music: Carl Beleitis

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