Architects of change

conceived and performed by:
Sonja Heller – performance,
Patrick K.-H. – semi-acoustic guitar, e-bow,
Oleg Makarov – Max/MSP programming,
Asya Mukhina – video-projection of lightings
live @ Performactivity of Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 28.10.2012 ev

camera: Ukio Kido, Stefany Pipchenko,
technical support – Vasily Yolsheen.

To each other, we are only a flat story – unfamiliar images, written at different screens. Our projections are coming in touch, electrifying one another, presuming to continue the touch on the next spatial level. But soon after we realize that, dislocating the surface, breaking up our images with a handshake, we are still bordering of something, and there’s the only mark we can’t beat – the mark inside.

© Anastasia Blur

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