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the discipline of do easy

Berlin 2013/2014

„How can you pilot a spacecraft if you can't find your way around your own apartment? “ 

– William S. Burroughs

The retired Colonel Sutton-Smith has discovered the discipline of ‚Do Easy’, which implies 
to perform all daily life activities in the most simple and effective way without making an 
unnecessary motion - A duo based on the short story by William S. Burroughs, that combines 
elements of dramatic reading with contemporary dance/movement and experimental music.
The dancer triggers through her movement the sound devices that are hidden in the stage setting.
Recited text is in german.

Dance: Sonja Heller

Actor/Music: Leo Solter

Idea/Stage Direction: Leo Solter, Sonja Heller

Stop-Motion-Video: Jürgen Eckloff