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A zooid is a single animal that is part of a colonial animal. The term zooid has historically 
also been used for an organic cell or organized body that has independent movement 
within a living organism.

In our modern times we put so much emphasis on individualism and to stand out from
the crowd that we forget about the importance of connection to others. Due to economic,
ecologic and political crisis everybody tries to safe his/her own little living space and misses
out on seeing the bigger picture. Everybody is his/her own little cosmos with goals, dreams,
visions and also fears. The key is to maintain your core whilst being connected to others.
This workshop will explore these themes on a physical level on the basis of butoh.

The workshop contains:

- Intensive Warming up inspired by Jerzy Grotowski
- Training based on the Body Weather Method by Min Tanaka
- Sensitizing Exercises
- Relaxation Techniques
- Partner- and Group-Improvisation on the themes of fish swarm, Ikebana and much more

The courses are adapted to beginners and professionals.
The workshop will be held in english and german.
It is recommended to take some extra training clothes and a towel with you. It will get sweaty.