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Sonja Heller is a multidisciplinary artist and performer from Germany. Being educated
since her childhood in ballet and classical music (piano, guitar), her explorative spirit brought her later
to classes of German expressionist and Butoh dance. She started to get interested in fine arts and
graduated from acting school in Berlin. Her most influential teachers were Fe Reichelt, Minako Seki,
Atsushi Takenouchi, Valeri Biltschenko and Ko Murobushi.

Since 2007 she concentrated on dance theatre and worked in Latin America, Europe, the Baltic States,
Russia and Iceland. 2011 she was part of the exam committee for contemporary dance at Universidad
Mayor in Santiago de Chile, she was a guest teacher at the Dance Academy in Lithuania, she gave
lectures about Butoh at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, where she also created several
performances with Poema Theatre and collaborated with the dance company Raven Arts in Reykjavik.
In the meantime she never stopped and stops to educate herself in workshops for Video Mapping,
Electronic Music, Contemporary Dance, Shiatsu and much more.

In the last years she displayed different ways to generate dance and sound simultaneously through
collaborations with composer and actor Leo Solter as well as misconstructionist artist Adrian Shephard
alias Testcard. 2015 she had her first solo exhibition with her mixed-media-works at Uferstudios in Berlin
and her short films were presented at various festivals. While the sounding research still continues and
she continuously expands her creative spectrum in the field of visual arts, she also focuses in her newest
creations again on physical theatre and the expression possibilities of the human body.